• Savannah PPC 32.5R Usage

     CEM IV/B 32.5R is specifically made for users who need:

    •  Consistent and reliable excellent early strength gain (Achieves similar early strength gain performance as a 42.5N (in compliance to KS EAS 18-1:2001)
    •  Low Heat of Hydration – eliminating the risk of thermal stress cracking in large construction projects
    •  Rapid setting cement
    •  Improved cement workability and placeability with better finishes.
    •  Excellent Durability– Highly resistant to aggressive environmental attack – e.g. sulfate attack
    •  Excellent for grouting applications
    •  Improved concrete cohesion eliminating aggregate segregation before concrete setting
    •  Reduced (or no) mortar bleeding at recommended water to cement ratios.



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