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The Savannah Cement investment, which stands at an estimated value of KES 10 billion, is indigenously owned by Kenyan investors. The company comprises local investors, who have an in-depth understanding of the East African cement market, committed to running East Africa's eco-friendliest and efficient cement-manufacturing complex to world-class standards.


Our Products

PPC 32.5
  • Consistent and reliable excellent early strength gain (15 MPa in 2 days)
  • Low Heat of Hydration – eliminating the risk of thermal stress cracking in large construction projects
  • Excellent standard consistency
  • Improved cement workability and placeability with better finishes.
  • Excellent Durability– Highly resistant to aggressive environmental attack – e.g. sulfate, chloride and carbonation attack
  • Improved concrete cohesion greatly reducing aggregate segregation before concrete setting
  • Foundations
  • Swimming Pools, Water tanks – concrete
  • Suspended slabs, Beams and Columns
  • Precast domestic applications
  • Brick and block making
  • Domestic floors
  • Plastering and brick laying plaster
  • Domestic Poles
  • OPC 42.5
  • Consistent high strength performance at all ages.
  • Superior workability for easier handling, placing and finishing.
  • Relatively Low water demand thus reduced concrete surface cracking as well as superior strength.
  • Excellent Durability that resists aggressive environmental attack due to a very low permeability coefficient.
  • Enhanced flow ability for easier casting and grouting in complex or congested environments
  • Enhanced concrete cohesion thus sustained uniform concrete performance.
  • Better soundness
  • Dams reservoir, bridges
  • Road stabilization formulations
  • Silos – concrete
  • Underground tunnels – Subways
  • High rise buildings and structural concrete applications
  • Slip forming
  • Reinforced Heavy duty surfaces – Foundations, Roads, Ports (Air and Sea port)
  • Post- tensioning and pre-stressed slabs and beams
  • Spun pipe manufacturing
  • Pre- cast manufacturing
  • Medium and High strength concrete works
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